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Parallel Space- Multi Accounts (APK) For Pc | Parallel Space Free App For Android

Download Parallel Space

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts For Desktop|PC Free App for Android 

Parallel Space: Parallel Space allows you to sign into two different accounts whether it is Whatsapp,Paytm,Hike or any other application on the same android device or PC simultaneously. The days are gone when you have to buy another device for another Whatsapp account.Now with the "Parallel Space-Multi Accounts" you can can access two accounts for whatsapp on same phone  simultaneously.

Download Parallel Space-Multi Accounts Free For PC And Android 

Parallel Space Mutli-Accounts

Parallel Space as one of the top-ranked tools on Android,Parallel Space helps more than 80 million users to logon multiple accounts on the same device with just a single click.Parallel Space also protects your privacy by making the cloned app invisible from the device by using Incognito Installation feature by which the app you cloned does not show in your device app drawer(Application Menu).

Why Should you use Parallel Space?

Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts

When it comes to personal and business life we have to handle it very carefully.This is what Parallel Space gives you.By installing Parallel Space you don't have to Sign in or sign out your different accounts,you just have to tap to switch between your accounts.Parallel Space supports 24 languages and is compatible with most of the Android Apps.Download Parallel Space to manage multiple accounts,protects privacy and customize your own space.
Customized Space And More Themes

Provides Customized Themes For Your Cloned Apps!

If you are fed up with the old and common looks of your App then Parallel Space also provides you a lot of themes,with the help of which you can customize your apps(whatsapp,instagram,clash of clans..etc) according to your own preferences.Themes can be applied according to your choices and to any app even to Parallel Space.And if your privacy matters a lot to you then you can also change the app default icon distinguish from original app.


Download Parallel Space Free For Android

Free Download Parallel Space For Android

Download Parallel Space for free on your android device.The best and the most trending app which is used to run multiple applications on one device simultaneously.Parallel Space is compatible with most of the android applications and it is not necessary that you have to get the most updated android version it supports all android versions.Download the latest version 3.5.7691 of  Parallel Space-Multi Accounts and enjoy using multiple whatsapp account on your phone...

Parallel Space |Access Two Whatsapp Account on Same Device

Two Whatsapp Account on Same Device

Parallel Space: To access two different Whatsapp account you don't need two devices,you just need to install Parallel Space-Multi Accounts Free on your device to access two different Whatsapp Accounts on the same time on a device.Its a very easy procedure to clone any App using Parallel Space,with only one click you can enjoy your business and personal life separately.

Clash Of Clans-How Parallel Space Is Used In Playing Clash Of Clans(COC) With Multiple Accounts

Clash Of Clans COC

Hey! are you a big fan of Clash Of Clans?And You have two Accounts and is tired of logging out again and again to access other account,Now you don't have to do this long and boring process,just install Parallel Space on your android devices for free and in the Parallel Space App go and add Clash Of Clans by clicking on it and the rest cloning of the COC application is done by the Parallel Space And now from the Parallel Space App you can access your another account while you are playing COC at the same time. Isn't is amazing that all your inconvenience is gone with just a single click.

Download Parallel Space For IOS

Parallel Space Iphone ios ipad

Parallel Space for Mac Download for free and access multiple accounts apps on your Apple device,save space and lagging problem in your.Parallel Space is a user friendly application which can be run on various platforms (like Android,IOS,Windows) and is very convenient for everyone's use. 

Benefits Of Having Parallel Space-Multi Accounts!

Dual Whatsapp on Single Phone
Parallel Space-Multi Accounts: Difficult to manage multiple Social Media Accounts on a same device?
Solution to your problem is Parallel Space you can access to any of your accounts by cloning the application in your device.Parallel Space is very easy to use and a faster way to switch between your various accounts by just one click,don't have to do complicated things just only one click and you can swap betwen your different Whatsapp Accounts.Its free easily available and User Friendly!


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